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My Inspiration: Building the MedicalPro Software for Transforming Healthcare Industry in Asia

My Inspiration: Building the MedicalPro Software for Transforming the Healthcare Industry in Asia.

Discover the motivations, challenges, and triumphs that led to the development of this transformative healthcare solution. 


Healthcare Revolutionized: Navigating the Healthcare Digital Transformation in the Philippines

Explore the transformative impact of digital technologies on the healthcare landscape in the Philippines. In this article, I delve into the rapid advancements and innovations reshaping how healthcare is delivered, accessed, and experienced.

Breaking the Chains of Motherhood Loneliness through Building a Supportive Community for Moms

Discover the emotional challenges, isolation, and impact of loneliness that inspire me to build the Supermom Global and Zuri Baby Couture community. Gain insights into how a community provides connection, support, and a sense of belonging to 500K+ moms in Asoa navigating the journey of motherhood.

From Passion to Purpose: My Journey of Starting a Tech Company

My story behind the inception of Genesis Business Solutions. Join me as I share my personal experiences, motivations, and challenges that led me to embark on this entrepreneurial journey. Discover how my passion for technology, clear vision, and unwavering determination paved the way for building successful SaaS solutions.

Building Food Club Asia Community to Solve F&B Industry Challenges by Uniting Restaurants and Foodies in one Community Platform

Explore how building a community can be a catalyst for solving significant challenges in the food industry. Discover how collaborative efforts, shared knowledge, and collective action can drive innovation, sustainability, and positive impact.

Taking the Leap: Why I've Decided to Start my IPO Journey for My Business

My journey and the compelling reasons behind my decision to start the journey of taking my business public through an Initial Public Offering (IPO). Join me as I delve into the motivations, benefits, and considerations that led to this significant milestone in the growth and development of my company.